​  Play It Forward Southlake is a non-profit community service program that was founded by Southlake Carroll High School athletes, Mack Morgan, Preston LeJeune and Kenny Hill. It is a branch of Play It Forward USA which was started by a group of athletes from Keller High school in partnership with The Pro Players Foundation. It is dedicated to taking gently used athletic equipment and refurbishing it to distribute to kids that cannot afford equipment to play sports. 

    Anyone interested in donating equipment to Play It Forward Southlake can deposit it in any of the collection bins located on the Equipment Drop Locations page.  Arrangements can also be made for pick-up at your home. For additional information about donating or being the recipient of the gently-used equipment, please contact us 

    Once the equipment has been cleaned, it will be donated to needy youngsters identified by a wide group of coaches, school administrators, and directors of various athletic organizations throughout the metroplex. The thought that some children do not have money to purchase equipment needed to play a sport they love is hard for most kids in the Southlake area to imagine. This is a reality for many young athletes so we are doing what we can to make sure every child has the opportunity and the equipment to be an athlete in the sport of his or her dreams. Thanks in advance for helping us help them.     

Kenny Hill

Preston LeJeune

Mack Morgan 

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